Thanks For 12 Years of Support.

We hope you are keeping safe and well during this ongoing unusual and uncertain period.

It has been a tough year for hospitality and tourism businesses including Sage & Sea and although we were able to welcome guests back to the cottages on 11 July for the first time since March, and have been able to provide breaks for many hundreds of guests up until the start of the Welsh ‘firebreak’ lockdown on 23 October, it has taken a significant resource to achieve this, a situation which has been monitored carefully by management through the last few months.

The board of directors and management have been reviewing the Sage & Sea division of the business and have spent a significant amount of time considering the future of the operation and addressing the risks which are faced by all holiday let companies, together with the uncertainty which has been exposed by the Covid situation in 2020.

Unfortunately, the conclusions reached are that the risks faced by the business, many of which are beyond the control of management, are too great when taken into account with the financial rewards from the holiday letting operations, which does not align with the required return from capital employed within the business.

After much deliberation, the decision which has been made is that the closure of the holiday cottages on 23 October is permanent and they will not re-open as Sage & Sea holiday lets going forward.

To all guests who have stayed with Sage & Sea over the past 12 years and also all guests who were booked to come to stay with us over the next 14 months, we thank you all for choosing the company and we wish you health and happiness in the future.